As one of the most recognised names in the business, La-Z-boy has become known worldwide for comfort and quality. Whether you are sinking into a sumptuous leather recliner or sprawling out on a luxuriously upholstered corner piece, you can count on their reliable designs and years of craftmanship knowledge to work with every aspect of your life. Browse the La-Z-boy Comfort Studio, Originals and Chair Gallery ranges to find your perfect match.







Founded in 1927, La-Z-Boy has a reputable history and experience in producing top quality chairs and sofas that are known throughout the globe for their comfort. Building upon their inimitable legacy to create new developments in the furniture industry has lead them to consistently innovating and evolving their range of the world’s best recliners. The ultimate relaxation experience is achieved by the backrest and footrest working completely independently from each other to give you a unique relaxation experience. The three-position handle can be used to set the footrest angle at a position that is most comfortable for you, whilst the four-sided fame gives the chairs with the patented handle additional strength and durability.