Discover the mattress of your dreams at the Isle of Wight’s go-to furniture stores. Our impressive selection of quality mattresses features the best-selling brands, with a variety of latex, pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses available in soft, medium and firm. Let us help you find your perfect mattress for an irresistibly comfortable and truly refreshing nights sleep that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

Trending Mattresses

Discover our best-selling mattresses
Millbrook Beds Cotton Motion 1000 Mattress
Millbrook Beds Natural Motion 1200 Mattress
Millbrook Beds Natural Motion 4000 Mattress
Millbrook Beds Ortho Motion 1000 Mattress
Millbrook Beds Memory Motion 1000 Mattress
Millbrook Beds Natural Motion 1000 Mattress
Millbrook Beds Majestic 6000 Super King Mattress
Millbrook Beds Majestic 6000 King Size Mattress
Miracoil/Open Coil Mattresses
Open coil mattresses provide excellent value for money and are available in all sizes and support preferences. Support comes from metal springs that have been evenly distributed throughout the mattress and are typically topped with layers of fabric and foam.
Pocket Sprung Mattresses
Pocket sprung mattresses are made up of individual springs that are cushioned within individual pockets of material, surrounded by a generous filling, most commonly wool, for maximum comfort. Pocket springs respond independently to the contours of your body for enhanced support.
Combination Mattresses
These mattresses generally feature the base of an open coil or pocket spring mattress but with the added luxury of a memory foam, latex or geltex layer for a unique comfort experience. They provide the best of both worlds if you cannot decide between an Advanced or Traditional Spring mattress.
Advanced Mattresses
Advanced mattresses use innovative, ‘advanced’, technologies such as Latex, Geltex or Memory Foam to form their support structure. These specialised materials have been developed by experts to mould around your body’s natural contours for beneficial support and enticing comfort.