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The clever clogs over at SIMBA HQ have been working hard to concoct the mattress of all mattresses. Containing five deluxe layers, it promotes a quality of sleep that you have been searching for and that you so deserve. Curated in the UK to provide a unique level of support to every type of sleeper thanks to its adaptable form. Your new mattress will arrive conveniently vacuum packed in a box - all you need to do is simply unroll it and look forward to better quality sleep. 



The Five S's

 SIMBA have revealed the magic behind their remarkable mattress that will give each and every one of us a tailored nights sleep.

Sleep Surface

The well thought-out design of the hypoallergenic airflow in the top part of the mattress was created with the intention to provide you with a fresh, temperature controlled surface to rest your head on for an undisturbed nights sleep.


'Simbatex' is the part of the mattress that will give you ultimate comfort every night of the week. The synthetic latex offers support in the utmost gentlest manner resulting in a cool, peaceful sleep for you.   

Spring Powered

 The 2500* tailor made pocket springs in conical form within the third layer of the SIMBA mattress provide you with a new level of support. Each individual spring adapts to your body shape offering you a truly bespoke night of comfort and the chance to put a spring back in your step in the mornings.

Shape For You

Made up of SIMBA's Visco memory foam, the third layer cleverly softens from the warmth of your body and therefore creating the perfect shape for your individual needs. By encouraging natural movement during sleep, it helps to reduce unnecessary awakenings as it aligns to your spinal cord and enforces a natural posture.

Seventh Heaven

 Last, but not least, we give to you the accurately engineered foam foundation, which can be found at the very bottom of the mattress. The seven different zones make sure that all the different levels of support are catered for and your personalised needs are met. Along with the four other layers, this base filling has the everything it needs to give you responsive support.