Stresseless is a leading name supplier of home furniture. Renowned for their outstanding comfort and quality, they are one of the most desireable names in the business. Known as the 'Innovators of Comfort', Stressless are proud masters of comfort needs of the human body and consistently continue to develop the most intuitive comfort technology. When buying Stressless you are buying more than a piece of furniture, you are buying investments in your home, and investments in your comfort.










Making it Different. Making it Better.


Furniture should be many things: comfortable, beautiful, functional - and also intelligent. Stressless' mission is to sculpt furniture that understands the unique human body needs. From multifaceted sets of springs to foam that moulds to the contours of your body, every material placed into a piece of Stressless furniture has been strategically placed to bring you an unparalleled seating experience.