Real or fake, plants have never been so sought after. Everyone is trying to create their own indoor jungle, and who can blame them? Plants can be a real mood booster, helping to restore productivity, concentration and creativity.

Artificial flowers and plants have come a long way over the last few years. Today, spotting the difference between the real thing can be near on impossible! Read on to learn the benefits of filling your home with hues of green…


1. Low Maintenance


From pruning and watering, to using seasonal fertilisers, the general up-keep of real plants can become quite time consuming… With artificial options, there’s rarely much to think about! All you’ll need to worry about is wiping the leaves of dust from time to time.


2. Versatile


Real plants often need very specific environments to thrive, and we all know sunlight can be quite sparce in England! With an artificial plant there’s no need to think about the humidity or temperature of the room. You can achieve the exact, tropical aesthetic you’re after without any limitations!


3. Cost Efficient


It’s no secret that real plants can come with a seriously high price tag. Whilst some may initially appear inexpensive to purchase, most plants require larger pots as they grow. A seedling can also take months, or even years, to reach its adult height and desired impact. With an artificial plant, it’s a one-time payment to achieve the look you’re after straight away, and with no hidden maintenance costs.


4. Avoids Allergies


Whether you share your home with someone with hay fever, or have pets who are just a little too inquisitive, real plants can cause all sorts of problems. If you’re prone to allergies, artificial plants offer a fantastic alternative without having to suffer any consequences.


5. Improves Your Wellbeing


Adding a touch of greenery, whether real or artificial, has been proven to lift your mood and morale. Why not liven up your home office with a plant or two? Brighten up your surroundings and get that serotonin going.


6. You Can't Kill Them!


Fed up with feeling like a bad plant-parent when the inevitable happens? Caring for plants can be quite the challenge… They’re picky things! With an artificial plant there’s no risk of overwatering or not allowing it enough sunlight = perfect for those of us who don’t possess the allusive ‘green thumb’!


If you’re wanting to make the switch, a wide selection of artificial plants and flowers are available to view and purchase from our Lake, Newport and Riverway Showrooms.