The way that Alstons look at it is that a sofa sits at the heart of your home. They are the focal point around the movement of your everyday life - the place where friends and families rekindle after a long day, and more importantly, the space where you choose to spend your valuable free time. Alstons are known for combining quality comfort with attractive stylish designs that fit in with the everyday demands. If you are looking for a comfort experience that is beautifully designed and upholstered, built with an expert skill set and constructed from high-quality materials, look no further than our Alstons collection of sofas and chairs.  



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"Our commitment to quality in all stages of our manufacturing process means that our sofas are great looking, comfortable, affordable and ideally suited to everyday life."


Alstons revel thoughtful design. When designing the next seasons collections they are thinking about far more than just creating a beautiful looking sofa. The hardworking design team take into consideration all sorts of things, fashionable shapes, sizes and fabric. Their aim is to create something that will main forever timeless. Every Alstons design was inspired by any or all of the following; exhibitions, galleries, textile mills and anything else atounf the world that ignites creative ideas.