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Sofa Buying Guide

When it comes to buying your new sofa, it is important to choose carefully and remember, a new sofa is an investment, so let us help you get it right. This big decision can be overwhelming but we have put together a few handy tips and tricks to make your decision a little easier and more informative!

There are lots of things to consider... Just because a sofa looks fabulous, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be right for your home.


First things first, lets make sure that new sofa you have been dreaming of is going to fit into your home. Whether it is taking centre stage in the middle of the room or it’s being placed up against a wall, you’re going to need to allow a bit of extra space. Here’s why:


  • Surrounding space – you need to leave yourself plenty of room to manoeuvre around your sofa.


  • Recliners – if you are thinking of investing in a recliner, be it a chair or a sofa, be sure it has enough space between the leg support and your coffee table. Many recliners recline backwards as well, so you will need to consider this if there is a wall behind.


Do measure the surface area of the space where you wish to place your new sofa – to do this accurately we recommend taking the time to follow out these simple steps: 


  1. Create a rough floor plan and design your room the old-fashioned way – with a pencil and paper (maybe keep a rubber nearby too).
  2. When your floor plan is good to go, it is a good idea to mark out the area with masking tape, this will really help to visualise the size of the sofa and how well-proportioned it is to the rest of the room.


So now you are positive the sofa is the perfect fit for the room, your next task is to make sure it will fit into your house. Take note of doorways, narrow halls, and staircases. To ensure your sofa will not get stuck, check that all widths and diagonal depths are less than the entry dimensions.


Useful tip: You can get the diagonal depth by placing a straight tape measure from the back corner of the frame to the opposite end of the front arm.

Some of our sofas come as one single unit, others come as parts in separate packaging. Our expert team will be able to advise on this.


Now the boring stuff is out of the way, it is time to paint a picture of your ideal sofa! There is lots to choose from, but have a think about the following first:

  • How much time are you going to spend on your new sofa? If you love spending a lot of time on the sofa (who doesn’t?) then it is definitely worth considering foam filled seatsas they'll spring back into shape as soon as you stand up.


  • How do you use your current sofa? Do you sit up right? If so a high, supportive back might be best for you. Or do you prefer to sprawl out? In this case, a wider seat would be a good choice.


  • Do you have children or pets? Leather sofas tend to be easier to keep clean so are great for busy households. If you would still prefer a fabric sofa, we offer a fantastic Stainguard insurance plan that will have you covered against accidental damage and staining.


  • Do you require extra support? If you suffer from back aches and pains you should consider one of our sofas with extra lumbar support.


Whether you are looking for a standard 2 or 3 seater sofa, a sofa bed, a corner sofa or a standalone chair, our fabulous selection has got everything you could ask for. Think about the details, some of our sofas have a choice of contrasting fabrics, foot finish and the type of back you would like – do you prefer sofas with a standard back or a pillow back?

The key to ensuring your new sofa slots right into place in your home is down to the material and colour you choose.


This is most definitely a personal choice and whilst we would always encourage creativity, bare in mind that if you are one for regularly redecorating, a neutral colour or grey is probably going to be best. Dark colours can be great if spillages are at a high risk.

Fabric or Leather?

Good question! Here are the pros for both:

Fabric: Generally, there is far more choice when it comes to fabrics, with different patterns and textures – great for those who want to give their sofa some real personality. From chenille and linens to wool and cotton, the list is endless. Fabric sofas tend to offer more warmth and are usually far more inviting. 

Leather: Typically, more expensive than most fabrics, however some of our sofas are made from split leather as a more affordable option for those who want all the benefits from full leather but not the hefty price tag. Leather gives that luxurious look and feel and is remarkably hardwearing. Keep in mind the texture of leather can vary.


We are super proud of the brands we have on offer, check out the likes of La-Z-Boy, G Plan, Parker Knoll, and Alexander & James, they are famous for their unprecedented quality.

Some final helpful tips:
  • Sofas & Chairs with high backs look superb in rooms with high ceilings.


  • Upholstery with low backs or high legs gives the deception of space – perfect for compact spaces!


  • Short on space? Consider a sofa bed for when you have guests stopping over.


  • Bear in mind that all our sofas come with different lead times. We keep a few models in stock but mostly they are made to order.


  • Do not rule out a footstool. Great for putting your feet up, an extra seat when you are hosting and hiding away all your loose ends if you opt for a storage stool.


  • Recliner types: Manual  usually a leaver to trigger the recline mechanism. These are affordable but may not be suitable for someone with limited movement or strength. Power  easy to use, usually at the touch of a button. Power recliners do not require the user to use any force to put the back to the original state. Unless a battery pack is included, the sofa or chair will need to be positioned next to a power source. Rise & Recline  all the benefits of a power recliner but with an assisted lift to help the user in and out of the chair.