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Measuring Guide

We understand that buying new furniture for your home is an important decision, with lots of things to consider. One of the main things to consider is whether the furniture will fit into your home. This means making sure that:

1. The proportions are perfect for your room.
2. The furniture can fit through your doors, stairs or hallways, clearing all access points.

How to get the proportions right

First things first is making sure that the furniture will be in proportion for your room, you can do this by measuring the surface area of the space where you wish to place the furniture. We then advise you to make a rough floor plan with a note of the measurements of the available space and the ceiling height. Check the width, height and depth of the furniture you would like to order and place this into your rough floor plan and against the ceiling height.

Does it fit with ease?

The best way, if you are finding it hard to imagine from the rough floor plan, is to create 2D newspaper templates of your chosen furniture. Alternatively, you can mark out the area where you envision the furniture to go using masking tape. When marking out where the furniture will go, we recommend leaving adequate space around the circumference. The general rule of thumb is to allow at least 50cm of space between pieces of furniture (this excludes side tables and bedside tables). Most interior designers will suggest leaving 20-30cm between a tall piece of furniture and the ceiling to create the illusion of space in the room.

Will it fit into my house?

When buying today, remember to consider whether the furniture you are buying will fit through doorways, halls and up staircases. To ensure that your sofa, bed or furniture will not get stuck in your doorway, check that all widths and diagonal depths are less than the entry dimensions. You can find the diagonal depth on upholstery by placing a straight tape measure from the back of the frames to the front of the arm.

Another useful exercise is to compare the measurements of your existing furniture with the model(s) you want to replace it with. It is important to note that when ordering wall display units you should measure the wall you are wanting to place it against from floor to ceiling to be sure that it will sit with some spare space above. The diagonal height of the unit should be less that the entryways. When double checking that your new furniture will fit into your home, please be sure to measure the width and height of all doorways, hallways and stairways, including banisters and turns, and don’t forget about obstacles such as radiators, wall and ceiling lights.

If the worst does happen and your order will not into your home on delivery day, we can offer advice on what to do next. If this does happen or you are concerned about an order due to be delivered, please call our customer service team as soon as possible on 01983 401070.

For advice from the people who help with measurements every day, please feel free to give us a call on 01983 401070, pop into store or drop us a message on our Live Chat.