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Lead Times

All you need to know about our product lead times. Need furniture in a hurry? View our In Stock Furniture for thousands of our best-selling products available for quick delivery to Isle of Wight addresses.

What does the lead time mean?

You will notice all of our products have varying ‘lead times’. This is an estimated time frame of how long we believe it will take to deliver the product to your home. Our team work closely with our suppliers to update lead times regularly to ensure we are providing the most accurate information possible. However, lead times are never guaranteed and are subject to delays.

Extended lead times

One of the biggest challenges the Coronavirus pandemic has caused the furniture industry is the consequential contingency delays. This includes; a shortage of resources during 2020 and 2021, staff shortages due to isolating and the increase in Covid cases in factories, global shipping delays, HG driver shortages and extreme weather conditions in the Far East which has had a serious impact on our containers.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in considerably longer lead times for all our products and in some instances, a significant increase on the lead time given at the point of purchase.

When will lead times go back to normal?

Although furniture suppliers have worked hard to find solutions to some of the issues mentioned above, due to the large backlogs of orders, there is no way of telling how long these extended lead times will last for. 

What happens if my order goes over the quoted lead time?

Our office team speak with our suppliers daily to ensure we are informed of any new delays. Our sales team are updating affected customers as and when any new information is given to us.

These delays are out of our hands and are unfortunately becoming more frequent. This is the same for most furniture retailers across the UK.

Whilst no lead time is never guaranteed, it has never been so important to emphasise to our customers that this is only estimated, and we cannot be held responsible should your order go over the estimated lead time given at the point of sale.

We understand this is a very frustrating, but we appreciate your patience and hope you bear with us whilst we work harder than ever to overcome these new challenges.