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We believe that a bed is not merely a piece of furniture, but rather an investment that should be considered carefully. A bed frame that needs replacing can greatly affect the comfort of your mattress, often causing a poor night's sleep and leading to an increased risk of fatigue and tiredness.

While there is undoubtedly an element of style and personal preference involved with the process of choosing a bed, we at Solent Beds & Furniture strive to ensure that each of our customers come away knowing that they have purchased the bed that is perfect for them.


Divan bases are one of the most widely available types of bed frame and are usually sold as a standalone item, with mattresses and headboards to be purchased separately. These popular bedframes are often available in a wide choice of fabrics, so they can be customised to suit your interior design theme perfectly. These bases usually have storage options available, such as drawer and ottoman features which allow for items to be stored within the base itself.





Ottoman beds can be the perfect solution to storage issues experienced by owners of smaller homes as they provide a simple and practical storage space. These frames can come as a ready-made bed frame, such as our Skye ottoman bed frame, or they can be made to your specification by one of our great bed brands such as Harrison Spinks or Hypnos. Many major brands design their ottoman beds to have a gas-lifitng function, making access to the underside of the ottoman platform a breeze.






A timeless classic which will never go out of style, wooden bed frames are available in both contemporary and traditional styles. These hugely versatile bed frames are built to be both sturdy and practical, with many designed to last a number of years. The great thing about solid wooden bed frames is that they can be sanded, painted or stained to reflect your changing interior décor over time.





Available in a wide range of designs and metal finishes to suit all décor styles, metal bed frames are pieces which never go out of style.These practical frames are super durable, allowing them to withstand general wear and tear, and these type of bed frames do not require much maintenance.





Upholstered bed frames are a popular choice and can add texture to a bedroom's décor. These stylish bedframes come in a range of fabrics, from simple and elegant cotton to luxurious crushed velvet and trendy faux leather. Great for creating a relaxed and soft bedroom interior, these versatile beds can be incorporated into many idfferent interior design themes.





With its high back and arms, the day bed can be used as a sofa during the day and as a bed at night time. Perfect for when additional sleeping space is required. These popular pieces are usually either single or small single size, making them ideal for occasional use by guests. Day beds are also great for creating a relaxed, chic vibe in your living or sleeping space.





Guest beds are often single or small single beds with an underbed which can simply be tucked away when not needed. This makes them perfect for use in guest rooms where additional sleeping space may occasionally be required. These versatile beds are great for rooms which are low on space and come in a wide range of designs and colours.





Some types of adjustable bed can be ideal for those who have difficulty getting in and out of bed on their own. Adjustable beds can be positioned in a way which the user feels most comfortable, often through use of an easy-to-operate handset which can increase comfort and reliece tension.






We have a wide range of children's beds to choose from, including the ever-popular bunk beds and mid-sleepers. Choose from a selection of kids beds in number of finishes such as metal, wooden or painted, to tie in perfectly with your child's bedroom décor.





Complete your divan set with a headboard which matches your bedroom's décor style perfectly. We stock an impressive range of headboards from all the top brands, available in a wide range of different fabrics. For those who prefer to sit up in bed we would reccomend a full headboard, which are designed to be more sturdy, as opposed to a strutted headboard as excessive additional pressure on a strutted headboard could weaken the struts over time.