Harrison have been making beds since 1889. The family run business has been crafting beautiful quality beds for more than five generations. With over 100 years of bed making experience, Harrison have truly perfected the process of creating beds that provide a sleeping experience that is second to none – from their home grown wool and fibres that goes into the mattress fillings to the skilled crafters who expertly hand make every mattress, divan, headboard and bedframe. 



Harrison Spinks Mattresses
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Introducing Harrison's Award-Winning Revolution Spring


 Inside every Harrison bed, there ae several thousand of miracles of engineering at work. Benefiting from the most innovative technology in the world, a Harrison bed will adapt to your body's unique shape, regardless of your sleeping position. Harrisons Millennium award-winning Revolution spring-within-spring system, combined with their High Density pocket springs, means a Harrison mattress offers unrivalled levels of comfort and support.