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Harrison Spinks Havana 6200 Mattress
With a core of 6200 spring topped with natural cotton, a blend of wool and viscose that provide you support throughout the night. The ChemFRee mattress fabric provides you a natural sleeping surface. Proving a perfect night sleep for your health and wellbeing.Mattress only.Choose the support that suits you:SOFT MATTRESS MEDIUM MATTRESS FIRM MATTRESSDual tension is also available for partners with different...
From £549.00
Harrison Spinks Lima 7200 Mattress
Created from natural fillings of cotton, wool and viscose blends that are layered within the Lima 7200 to offer a dry and cool sleeping space. Helping to create the perfect environment for your to relax and unwind. The mattress is does not require turning therefor allowing you to easily care for your mattress. Ideal for those who have back issues or difficulty lifting.Mattress Only.Choose the support...
From £599.00

Harrison Spinks Rosario 9700 Mattress
Created from natural fillings of wool, Egyptian cotton and mohair the Rosaio 9700 offers breath ability and moisture wicking. Benefiting from ChemFRee mattress fabric that has natural fire-retardant properties. Allowing you to unwind in comfort and support and to achieve a better nights sleep. The mattress is does not require turning, therefor allowing you to easily care for your mattress. Ideal for...
From £749.00
Harrison Spinks Kew 13200 Mattress
With Posturfil and Microlution layers that provide you a supportive and comfortable sleeping environment. The Kew 13200 has been created with two sleeping surfaces. Natural cotton and hemp create a surface that allows you to be kept cool in the summer. The other surface features wool that will keep you warmer during the colder winter monthsMattress Only. Choose the support that suits you:SOFT MATTRESS...
From £849.00

Harrison Spinks Santiago 12200 Mattress
The Santiago 12000 mattress has a number of great features to ensure you obtain the perfects nights rest. With 12220 spring that support every shape and sleeping position. The core springs are created from Posturfil and Revolution and topped with layers of wool, mohair and Egyptian cotton. The sleeping service has been created from a layer of natural latex to ease pressure points and cradles the body....
From £999.00